Valley ATV Riders

Northern Aroostook County, Maine

Landowner Issues



A Public Hearing will be held t the Fort Kent Municipal Building on

Monday, April 22, 2013 at 7:00 PM 

to review/approve or create a committee to review areas of contention as it

pertains to declaring the following roads as ATV access routes:

posted 04/11/2013


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Stuck car causes snowmobile trail snafu!

as reported by Fiddlehead Focus

posted 01/25/2013


Straighten up, or the ATV Trails close.
 July 11 as reported by Fiddlehead Focus news article.

No, the trails are not closed,
But  we are trying to get a point across.

Best response would be
Slow down and enjoy the sites.
Please keep dust down!


Please Obey "NO ATVs" posted signs.

They are there at landowners request.
Local law enforcement are watching and summons will be issued.

posted July 13, 2011
...just got done getting landowner permissions signed

so we can continue riding the trails we have in the

greater Fort Kent area. 

In talking to the landowners, a few topics came up:

1. Please stay on marked trails

2. Drive at a reasonable rate of speed to keep

the dust and noise down

3. Always watch out for and yield to farm equipment

and trucks-these landowners are trying to earn a

living and graciously allow us to ride on their land

4. Drive defensively and always be prepared to meet

others on the trail hopefully riding at a

reasonable rate of speed.

5. Respect the land and don't unnecessarily

spin out and make ruts anywhere. 



 ** Landowner Issues **

posted 060409 mentioned at the last meeting,

...when clearing blow downs on the trail,

try to cut logs into 8 ft. There is not much

a landowner can do with 2 ft pieces.





posted 052309 First, please slow down when meeting

farm vehicles and move your

atv out of the way!

Farmers operating equipment

can't see nor hear you.

Second, Please slow down,

Third, pick up your glass bottles

- there are waste cans at each of the

VATV Riders picnic tables.



Phil is pounding the last marker for the day

at the end of Michigan Settlement Road.



Jim Caron Appointed as Recreational Trails Co-ordinator for Aroostook County.

see Department of Conservation notice 8/14/07.




ATV Use Permit



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... Trail Maintanence Worksheet  (PDF)

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...Property Damage

This year - 2014 - trails will open May 31st for Valley ATV Riders.

Please check with other clubs for their 

opening dates as many are different.


May 15 is the traditional date when trails open, 

unless otherwise noted.

Check the website for updated news!

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Contributed by Don / Video by WAGM TV 8


Below are photos of the damage in 2009

sent in by Maine Game Warden Chad Abbott.



 photos by Chad Abbott

Please stay on marked trails and respect

others property. Trail use is a priviledge,

not a right! Or we could lose the trail again.



We are working on signs, dealing with landowner issues -
 *If you see a 'No Trespass' sign, please check with the
landowners. *As always, please respect the landowners,
There are some fruits fields that are being planted
along some trails - please stay on marked trails
*When any atv meets with joggers or walkers,
please slow down! 


When you come up on signs like this -

ALWAYS check with the landowner


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